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6 hours ago on 18 April 2014 ~ 2:42am
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noot noot
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I want to make you moan uncontrollably

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I used the terms “queer” and “lesbian” interchangeably for myself for a while; I guess because even though I’m gay as fuck I didn’t really want to like… I don’t know how to phrase this. “Commit” (I guess) or like confine myself only to women for the rest of my life and I guess it could be good to keep an open mind because hey maybe one day Captain Jack Sparrow could call me and be like “ayo wanna be my bae” and I’d be like “aye aye captain” and we’d sail away on the Black Pearl and romantically die of scurvy together. But let’s be real here, as great as Captain Jack Sparrow is…. Jack Sparrow < all the women in the world. Sorry boys but even if I become attracted to a male sometime in the future (I mean I doubt it’ll happen but yeah) there is no fucking way in hell he could outweigh my attraction to women. NO WAY IN HELL. (dear god almighty have you SEEN lzzy hale’s legs? i’m so fucking gay. i’m so gay)

For some reason lately the word “queer” has kinda been rubbing me the wrong way (as a label for myself, not other queer-identifying people) and I can’t quite pinpoint why. But I guess it’s because after some recent experiences I’ve just kind of narrowed things down to the label I feel most comfortable with, and it is lesbian. Or gay. Preferably lesbian.

Now, one might ask me why I feel so obligated to choose a label for myself and why can’t I just like who I like and not put myself in a box. Well friends, it is because I like the box. It’s great if you don’t, it’s not for everyone and we’re all different people and if you feel comfy not putting a lil sticker label on your identity that is perfectly okay. But I like my box. It’s kind of cozy and I’ve got a large television in here. I feel most comfortable adhering to a label and having a group of other women to relate to and being able to describe my sexuality in one word. Also I like identifying as femme; and yes, that word is part of lesbian culture. (Sorry babes, but unless you are a lesbian you are not femme. Feel free to call yourself feminine, but please don’t appropriate the word “femme” from lesbian culture). And please don’t refer to me as “queer” behind my back like I understand it’s an umbrella term and not everyone in the world is gonna read this blog post (but actually it would be awesome if none of you would ever talk about my sexuality because unless you want the v it’s not really something worth talking about.)

So yeah. Hello, I am Jamie and I am a really bad harpist and also a lesbian.

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do not make decisions at 2 am when you are sad

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this is hand-written how do i know when it’s 250 words

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